The Artist


Brittsy Art Studio - Britt (Andrews) Orzechowski

I am a contemporary artist and my style of painting seems to be reflected in the vibrant colors I choose. Every single piece I have painted includes blue.  I am especially inspired by the majestic colors of the sky and the water and the eyes of all that are living.

I am a big time DOG LOVER and lover of all animals.  I am drawn to their individual characteristics and the emotion that they show us in their expressions and in their eyes. I paint whatever I am inspired by, whether it is the brilliant rays of a sunrise on the beach, the innocence of an animal, the precious portrait of a child or just my expression of emotion. 

I studied Art in college but put my love for it aside to follow a career in sales and marketing and to spend time with my husband, daughter and puppy dog, Cabo.  I rediscovered my passion after moving to Padre Island, just off of Corpus Christi, Texas.  I  began to paint again and now I spend every spare moment in my studio.  I am so very blessed to be able to share my passion.  I hope you will find a treasure of beauty in my work that will continue to bring you joy that will last forever.